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Can Reiki really take off your stress completely, bring a deep relaxation and rejuvenate your energy? How else you can help yourself by taking Reiki session?

Facts You Must Know About Reiki!

Bio energy

Low energy, stress, various pains or other ailments could be symptoms of blocked energy flow in your body. Using only natural Bio-Energy techniques we can help you to improve your health and well-being!

Learn how to activate your body’s natural healing abilities

NIA Classes

Would you like to exercise with joy of movement? Would you like to have a good workout and fun at the same time?

Get Energized with Nia Technique

Animal Communication

Do Animals Really Come to Our Lives For a Purpose? Can They Really Communicate to Us Their Advice and Feelings? Can We Learn What They Need and Want?

Learn more

Hypnotherapy sessions

We all want to be healthy and reach our goals. How to lose fear of public speaking, overcome anxiety or reduce stress and pain?

Hypnotherapy Can Help!

Events & Courses

We want to introduce the community members to different healing modalities by offering several natural treatments and by providing information sessions and workshops. Join us for various wellness seminars, rejuvenating retreats and certification courses for Reiki and Bio-Energy practitioners!

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