About us

A message from our Founder, Elizabeth Mierzynski

Elizabeth MierzynskiIt took me a long time to realize it, but the universe has given me a precious gift: I have always been deeply in tune with and sensitive to the people and animals near me, and can feel their physical and emotional pain with my own body.

As a child, I found this overwhelming, but I tried to help in the only ways I knew how: by listening to people, holding them, or making them laugh because I cared so deeply. This sense of care has stayed with me as an adult, and now, with Reiki, Bio-Energy Healing, Nia fitness dance, and other forms of healing, I have found a renewed purpose in using my gift to help others— like you.

With Beyond the Mind Holistic Healing, I work with you to activate your body’s natural healing abilities so you can improve your health and maintain healthy energy levels. Whether you are recovering from injuries, trauma, illness, or stress, I work with you to restore your body’s natural flow of energy — improving your well-being without using needles, medications, or surgery.

I have had great success helping with headaches, migraines, depression, anxiety, fatigue, insomnia, low energy levels, and neck, back, shoulder, knee, and joint pain. My clients have reported significant improvement in all of these areas, and that they felt energized, calm, and rested after their treatments. Although Bio-Energy is not a cancer treatment, many people dealing with cancer have reported improved response to medical treatments, having more energy, lower levels of pain and anxiety, improved bloodwork results, and sores both smaller and less frequent after chemotherapy.

By helping you find clarity and insight with personal issues and changing thought patterns I can help you gain physical, emotional and mental strength. This will help you achieve your life goals, be they finding love, getting a better job, losing weight, or gaining joy, power, and freedom.

I am a Reiki Master and Teacher, Bio-Energy Trainer and Practitioner, certified Hypnotherapist, Nia Technique fitness instructor, and Animal Communicator. Before joining the world of healing, I worked for almost 30 years as an environmental health and safety professional, providing numerous training sessions and workshops to help people stay healthy. In the past, I also studied geology, where I learned about crystals and the power of natural energies; which affect everything around us, including our health. The natural processes that affect our lives and natural methods of healing fascinated me. Since then, I have studied Energy Medicine with Donna Eden and Matrix Energetics (quantum healing) with Richard Bartlett.

Also, as a trained caregiver for terminally ill patients and their families, I have provided care for patients with various forms of dementia, including Alzheimer disease. For years, I have volunteered with Heart House Hospice (formerly the Hospice of Peel) and the Victorian Order of Nurses.

With my combination of professional knowledge and natural empathic skill, I can help bring healing and greater comfort to your life. You can become the vibrant, energetic, and content person that you truly are inside.


Animal Communication

“Elizabeth provides your pet a voice, regardless if they have already crossed over to spirit. A gift beyond expression to bond with, and more deeply connect with your animal companion. The accuracy and details are uncanny, indicating true intimate knowledge of that special relationship. My experience has both enriched my life with my companion and my own, through a deeper knowing of our roles. My Doberman Cloey facilitates the rest I require by positioning herself so I must STOP, an activity I need to embrace more. I had been programmed to work as hard as possible to achieve. Cloey teaches me the benefits of stillness and meditation. Thank you Cloey and thank you Elizabeth for translating our barriers.
— Frances B.

“Dear Elizabeth, once more we wish to thank you very sincerely for your communication sessions with Rafa. Their output is deeply moving. Certain Rafa’s behaviours definitely confirmed the possibility of her having been beaten. She reacted very nervously to strangers trying to touch her or stroke, and particularly to put their hands on her head. Her statement related to her health is perfectly true. Difficulties to move her hind legs was the first symptom that made us concerned.…we did not associate her sickness in 2009 with the fatal summer episode in 2008! Now she explained what happened! Some parasites or bacteria acquired in 2008 … and their toxins destroyed her internal organs. The picture she showed you is exactly true! Shore of a lake, long wooden platform reaching into the water, old boat attached to a tree on the left side, wooden tourist shelter further down („little house like of cards”). Incredible! She knew she caught her illness there! We didn’t. The message about water bowl, this is a real hit! She had a blue water bowl for quite a long time… As she said in the communication, she very often slept at night on an armchair facing my desk. During my work she used to lie on another armchair and looked at me… It’s also significant that she mentions books „about animals, children and death, too”. In fact, I translated several books on all these subjects…”
— Basia and Marek, Poland


“Before bio-energy treatment I had very low energy, fatigue, sores from chemo treatment, for which I was hospitalized for 1 month. I had constant diarrhea and was experiencing overall pain, muscle aches, and more negative attitude than normal and my liver function was not within normal parameters. After the Bio-Energy treatment I had much higher energy, smaller sores, very controllable and less frequent, no diarrhea at all! Bloodwork all within normal parameters, less pain, able to do more activities with my granddaughter, walking, socializing more. I feel like I am starting a new phase of my life, no longer just waiting to fear bad news about my health!”
— Maryanne H., Burlington

“Before Bio-Energy treatment I felt constant pain in the lower back and shoulders, experienced trouble sleeping, low energy and anxiety. I was feeling stuck. After the treatment I don’t feel pain in back/shoulders, I am a lot more relaxed and calm, I have more energy and it is easier for me to fall asleep.”
— Justin A. , Missisauga

“Before Bio-Energy treatment I have been dealing with chronic fibromyalgia, neck/shoulder pain over 25 years. I had difficulty falling asleep and was waking up in the middle of the night. I was waking up in the morning in pain and feeling worried. I was feeling stressed out and worried about starting new job. I was very receptive to Bio-Energy treatment provided by Elizabeth, I have been experiencing a lot of body swaying and tingling. After the treatment [5 sessions] Fibromyalgia pain improved 50%! It is easier to fall asleep now and I am sleeping through the night. Now I wake up less worried and feeling less pain. I am feeling more balanced, relaxed and calm. Better able to deal with stress. Feeling happy and comfortable with new job change. I feel more positive and set myself a positive intention daily. Bio-Energy Healing has definitely improved my life! Thank you Elizabeth!”
— Raffaella A., Missisauga

“I have been having a constant lower back pain for the past few years   and I could not walk long distances. I have been feeling a lot anxiety every day. After the Bio-Energy Treatment with Elizabeth my pain is lower and I can walk much better than before. My anxiety is decreasing and I feel calmer. I still have to work on my sleeping problem.”
— Kate F., Mississauga

“After my injury 20 years ago I had a strong, constant pain in my right elbow and I had a restrained mobility in that elbow. I was dealing with a lot of negative feelings… After the Bio-energy treatments the pain in my right elbow is significantly lower and I don’t feel that sadness as before.”
— Chris F. , Mississauga

“Before the Bio-Energy treatment I was constantly dealing with a lot of stress and worries. I did not have energy. My knees and wrists were constantly uncomfortable with pain. My lower back was stiff and I couldn’t fall asleep. IBS – very unpredictable, and mornings were really bad. After the Bi0-Energy treatment I feel more energetic. Pain in my knees is very low, and pain in wrists and stiffness in my knees are gone! I am sleeping better and going to sleep faster. IBS not as often.”
— Laura K., Mississauga

“Before the Bio-Energy treatment I had difficulty sleeping, waking up every night 5-6 times and being unable to go back to sleep. I was suffering from hot flushes every hour or so; they were severe during the day and at night. I felt pain because of the left ovary cyst. After the sessions my sleeping problems improved. I have less night sweats and they are not as severe as before. Hot flushes are not as frequent and they are less intense. My ovarian cyst is not bothering me and the pain is gone!”
— Bozena M., Milton

“Before my sessions I felt I did not have any hope and I felt so alone. I had nightmares and did not feel good about myself, I did not love and appreciate myself. After my treatment I feel I can conquer any challenges, including my weight and stress. I feel good about myself .I love and respect myself and I want to honor my soul. I can do it!”

“…I had a great week since I saw you, Elizabeth. We sold our Honda civic the next day!… ”
— Oana I., Misissauga

“Before the first session I cried a lot, I felt so lost, like a victim, helpless, worthless. I did not believe I could change anything and I did not believe in myself and people. I was questioning the sense of my existence. I had a constant pain in my shoulders. After the Bio-Energy therapy I don’t cry as much. I feel like my confidence is coming back. I have clarity of what I want to do in my life. I started to believe in myself and others and I feel I have so much to offer. I am a new person. Shoulder pain is almost gone. Pain in my hands is much lower.”
— Henryka N. , Mississauga

“Before my sessions I was feeling very down, without energy to carry on due to overwhelming sadness. I felt constant fear of insufficient finances and falling relationships. I felt like all life aspects were not working and I did not see the way out. During the therapy/sessions I achieved full calming of my mind. I see the light in the tunnel and feel confident that things will fall into place. It seems that all of my past concerns are just tasks that I am welcoming and see clearly how to tackle them…..Before the first session I set up an intention to find a new job within two weeks and I did it!”
— Dorota O., Oakville

“For the last 50 years I have been suffering from psoriasis and had cataract on both eyes. My right lower back side and right leg have been affected by arthritis for the last year. Ongoing worries took over my enjoyment of life and caused a lot of stress. After the Bio-Energy treatment with Elizabeth I feel more peaceful and emotionally stable, have more optimistic thoughts, and feel more distanced towards difficult situations. I am able to control my thoughts better. The pain on the right side of my lower back and in the right leg is lower and less frequent. I see also the slight improvement in psoriasis on my leg. I don’t suffer from the itching on my leg caused by psoriasis any longer.”
— Romana R. , Mississauga

“I had a breast cancer and mastectomy, my father was fighting the cancer of vocal cord, my thyroid was underactive, I felt tired, stressed out, depressed, sad, nervous, with a lot of anxiety. I had a damaged and swelling knee and pain, difficulty with walking. Bio-Energy with Elizabeth helped me with having more mobility in my knee. There is less swelling and minimal pain. I have more positive attitude, I am calmer and I am sleeping through the night! I feel more energetic. I noticed that people around me smile more and even my husband noticed my attitude change and he is smiling more at me!”
— Anna R., Mississauga

Bio-Energy Course Level 1 with Elizabeth

“The Bio-Energy Level 1 course offered by Elizabeth was an amazing opportunity for my self-development. I loved her enthusiasm and energy that she put into teaching the course. I leave this class with more understanding and feeling of the chakra system and how to work with it to clear them. The Bio-Energy Level 1 course is a huge step forward for my self-development and I learnt a lot. Thank you Elizabeth for your course and sharing your knowledge.”
— Anca M.

“Dear Elizabeth, I just want to thank you for a great experience that I had this past weekend learning Bio-Energy… I learned great techniques to clear up our chakras and our Bio-Field. …Thank you for teaching us new skills that we take with us and practice on our family and friends. Thank you for being such a wonderful lady that offers heart and soul to every person. I cherished every single minute of this experience. Thank you!”
— Adriana C.

Reiki and Bio-Energy

My name is Anca M. and I’m a stay home mother of two energetic girls. I met Elizabeth during a visit to the 2015 “Mother’s Show” in the International Center and my life changed. She introduced me to the healing energy of Reiki with a small session right there at the show. Despite all the people walking around and watching us I was able to relax and feel the warmth radiating from her hands, which were  2-3” away from my body. She got me interested and I followed with having the Reiki sessions. I will describe the 90 minutes Reiki sessions that I had with her like a visit to a massage therapist and a psychologist. After each session I felt so relaxed physically and mentally, it was the help that I needed. I also had the bio-energy sessions that helped me with the opening of the chakras and becoming stronger energetically and confident to move forward with my life. I always recommend with all my heart and introduce Elizabeth to my friends or anyone who wants to discover a different, better way to bring balance and positive energy into their life. I am looking forward with excitement to the new experience and knowledge that Elizabeth will bring into my life.”
— Anca M., Mississauga


..Elizabeth’s hands were very, very hot and I was feeling their warmth on my body through the blankets… At one point I felt the urge to cry, so I did. Session ended with me feeling very relaxed, sleepy…I am looking forward to more Reiki sessions with Elizabeth and see them as a valuable investment in myself… Thank you Elizabeth!”
— Dorota O., Mississauga

“Before Reiki session I felt very heavy, with a lot of anxiety… During the Reiki with Elizabeth I felt warmth in many points of my body. After Reiki I was very relaxed, felt happy and somehow different….”
— Nicoleta M., Mississauga

“I felt my chakras being realigned. Went into deep silence. Saw and felt Mahatma Ghandi with Elizabeth…”
— Carmen B.

“I was able to relax very easily. I felt a lot of heat around my neck and vibrations in the abdominal area. I felt like a current was going through my body….I felt the presence of my deceased sister. At the end of Reiki session I was very relaxed and feeling lighter”
— Anca M., Mississauga

“During Reiki session with Elizabeth I felt very relaxed and once in a while I could feel a …light … between my eyes. I felt like I could analyze different issues in a very short period of time….”
— Dragos M., Mississauga

“I had a great experiences with Reiki sessions and workshops at Salt Cave in Mississauga…I know you for few years now and you are very kind and very knowledgeable. Your healing hands are amazing!!! Thank you Elizabeth from the bottom of my heart, I feel so blessed to know you… Keep up the wonderful work, you are great!!!”
— Adriana C., Mississauga

“Elizabeth, thank you very much for your time…I experienced great relaxation and warm sensations on certain parts of my body.…I had a wonderful experience and I look forward to seeing you again in the near future. I can’t wait for you to meet my Mom. She will call you to book her Reiki session with you…”
— Oana. I., Mississauga

“Fantastic! Relaxed immediately and felt healing energy through my body… Left feeling calm and at peace. Thank you for the energy and the messages you shared…”
— Irene O., Mississauga

“Very beneficial to my wellbeing and informative to me in regards to my path in life…Feel very rested and energized past session…”
— Lucas R., Mississauga

“Felt a lot of energy all around…my mind was finding solutions to problems… felt loved and let go of anger and bitterness… After Reiki session I felt great and peaceful”
— Shelly. S., Brampton

In my experience, Reiki sessions with Elizabeth are like ‘God talking to me directly’. Each time, she has been able to provide me with an accurate picture of where I am at in my life and what needs more awareness for the things to flow more freely and joyfully. Her insight helps me to bring more clarity into what I feel intuitively but can’t quite grasp on my own. Sometimes, Elizabeth’ messages are absolutely unexpected; yet, they quickly prove to be true and I am prepared for them! During the session, I feel how energy moves from her hands through my body: sometimes, I feel tingling sensations, sometimes heat, sometimes I experience gentle pressure at the parts of the body where Elizabeth places her hands. I would recommend a session with this gifted healer to literally everyone. Whether you are in some difficult situation or just curious about what life has in the store for you – you are in good hands!
— Yuliya K, Vancouver, BC

“I have had the wonderful pleasure of experiencing both Reiki and Bio Energy sessions with Elizabeth. During my Bio Energy session, in the serene and natural Salt Cave setting, the positive energy I felt was truly amazing! As Elizabeth began her healing work I sensed an extreme yet comfortable heat in the area I had discomfort in and almost immediately felt relief! A 90 min Reiki session, to bring balance to my Chakras, provided me with enlightenment, balance and a clear connection between spirit, mind and body. During my session, I experienced various emotions, sensations of being hot and cold and an overall peace. Thank you Elizabeth for sharing your gift and for helping those who are working towards self healing on their own personal journey.”
— Rosanna, Mississauga


“I have been a Nia student for 10 years, attending weekly classes. Nia came into my life when I was going through a mental breakdown, feeling numb and unhappy. I tried a Nia class with Elizabeth and immediately felt a shift and thought “this is what I have been waiting for all my life”. It brought me great pleasure, happiness, joy and the freedom to move and be “me”. Nia became my medicine and therapy which helped me heal. For me, every week is a spiritual experience. For the hour that I am there, I focus on myself and what feels good for me and right for my body. Elizabeth has been my Nia instructor since the beginning. She is an amazing gifted woman. She inspired me so deeply that I felt passionate to take a Nia training course. So finally, 2 years ago, I took my Nia white belt training. The course was amazing, learning so much about myself and how to love and take care of myself. A big thank you to Elizabeth for all her support on my Nia journey. She allows me to teach a couple of songs during our weekly classes. My goal is to one day be able to teach a full class. Thank you to the Universe for the gift of Nia. I am forever grateful! Live Love Dance.”
— Raffaella A.

“Nia with Elizabeth…. Without a doubt this is one of the most beautiful gifts I gave myself…. No words can express how amazing this experience has been”.
— Dorota. O.

“Hi Elizabeth, thank you for offering this class. As you know I had never done anything like Nia or dance before I joined your class. But it is so freeing to be able to move and have fun to the music that I keep coming back. It’s like a food for your spirit, while you exercise your body and mind. Thank you!”
— Johanna R.