Animal Communication service

Animal Communication

What is Animal Communication and How It Can Help You and Your Pet?

Pets can sense how you’re feeling, what you’re thinking, what you need and can provide comfort and security during times of need. Animal Communication is all about making a one-directional flow of communication into a two-directional one, so you can understand their needs and feelings just as well as they understand yours.

Animal Communication is a natural process that we are all able to do, given practice and mindfulness. It is an intuitive and spiritual connection with animals on energetic levels. We can listen through our amplified senses with awareness and exchange through thoughts, feelings, emotions, images and other sensations. Animals share their thoughts, feelings and emotions through pictures, words or by allowing the Animal Communicator to feel their physical symptoms in their own bodies. Animal Communicators trust their insights and are able to hear, see, feel and sense messages that animals want to share. They don’t judge these messages and treat the animals with the greatest respect and with good intentions. Animals only share information that will help their human companion to understand them better.

Some Animal Communicators like to meet the animals they communicate with at their homes, barns, shelters, etc. The others, like me, prefer using a photograph.

If your pet’s behaviour or physical or behavioural health has changed recently (e.g. an inability to climb the stairs, reduced appetite, being withdrawn or more aggressive), an Animal Communicator at Beyond the Mind Healing can help. We can connect with your pet, ask them, sense what issues they are having, and tell you what we’ve learned so you can help your pet and yourself.

Communication with your pet can help you to grieve their loss. We can help you to connect with pets who have crossed to the Other Side or ask the living animals if they need or want any assistance crossing over. Some animals, even if they seem to be very sick, don’t want to cross over, because they did not complete their purpose with the particular family yet.

If you would like to know about the reasons behind your animal’s behaviour, know if they are content /well, how they feel about certain situations or if you would like to hear their advice for you — an animal communication session can help.

Note: Prices do not include HST.

Animal Communication Single Reading Session$80.001 hourBook now

Where will sessions be held?

Animal Communication sessions will be held at the office of Beyond the Mind Healing — you don’t even need to leave the comfort of your own home. All you need to do to help your furry friend is to email a photo of the pet (headshot preferred) and provide their name, age and sex along with your name or the name of the person requesting communication. You can also include some questions you’d like to have answered or information you’d like to communicate to your pet.

Since the Animal Communication is done at the energy level, there are no time, language or space restrictions. This is why we can communicate with the animals living anywhere in the world, or those who crossed over to the Other Side. People from all around the world are welcome to request an Animal Communication reading for their pets. Get in touch today to book your Animal Communication session.

Please allow 1-2 weeks for communication and report to be completed.

Case studies


Rina, Zoya and Dharma

Rina, Zoya and Dharma

When Rina, our beloved family German Shephard, passed away suddenly in 2009 we were distraught. Soon after losing her, we went online to find answers about her illness and immediately saw a photo of a female puppy; whose mother resembled our Rina. The puppy was in desperate need of a home. We felt deeply that our beloved Rina had guided us to her. She was very weak and frightened of nearly everything and everyone; she constantly laid her ears flat against her head and hid in dark corners. Even so, we fell in love with her right away, adopting her and naming her Zoya.

A few weeks later, guided by an unusual urge, got a second puppy – Dharma, a cheerful chocolate Lab. Dharma immediately started to encourage Zoya to play more and take the lead. It was heartwarming to see how this puppy was guiding Zoya to become more confident! She approached Zoya with warmth and delicacy, never startling her and never approaching from behind. We noticed that Dharma was gradually forcing Zoya to leave her shell and start fighting for what was rightfully hers (toys, space, food, being petted, etc.). Her confidence improved; in the dog park Zoya began bravely standing up to aggressive dogs who might bully her or Dharma. There is so much love between our two dogs!

On our journey to healing after loss of Rina, we met an Animal Communicator who told us about all three of our dogs, confirming information about them that only we knew. It was an experience that we wanted to share with others, so we learned more about this amazing skill so we could bring healing and closure to other pet owners.




Cloey said she was not very keen to have puppies often, but her sister, Zoe, would love to be a mother as often as possible. Cloe’s purpose was to help her owner to rest more. She provided several pieces of advice to her Mom, Effie and her daughters. She showed the picture of the house with sloping roof, deck and stairs and the lake and big stones in front of it.

“Elizabeth provides your pet a voice regardless if they have already crossed over to spirit. A gift beyond expression to bond with, and more deeply connect with your animal companion. The accuracy and details are uncanny, indicating true intimate knowledge of that special relationship. My experience has both enriched my life with my companion and my own, through a deeper knowing of our roles. My Doberman Cloey facilitates the rest I require by positioning herself so I must STOP, an activity I need to embrace more. I had been programmed to work as hard as possible to achieve. Cloey teaches me the benefits of stillness and meditation. Picture was spot on! Thank you Cloey and thank you”.
Elizabeth for translating our barriers. Effie




Rafa, who crossed over to Other Side few years ago, informed her owners about some incoming issues, which would require their undivided attention; she provided heartfelt guidance and advice. She reflected on her life with them and explained some of her behavior. She also explained the genesis of her illness, which resulted in her death. She showed a very detailed picture of the place where the illness started.

“Dear Elizabeth, once more we wish to thank you very sincerely for your communication sessions with Rafa. Their output is deeply moving. …Her first statement is perfectly true. Difficulties to move her hind legs was the first symptom that made us concerned. But the story started in 2008, during our summer holidays…Rafa started vomiting intensely….We went to the vet who gave her injections. Soon the symptoms subsided and we forgot the episode for almost a year. Next year, in the same place, something was evidently wrong. She lost her vigor, began to lose her hearing abilities, lost appetite and had difficulties in going up and down the stairs….Even then we did not associate her sickness in 2009 with the fatal summer episode in 2008! Now she explained what happened! Some parasites or bacteria acquired in 2008 – as she aptly says – „were eating into her from inside”, and their toxins destroyed her internal organs…..The picture is exactly true! Shore of a lake, long wooden platform reaching into the water, old boat attached to a tree on the left side, wooden tourist shelter further down („little house like of cards”). Incredible! She knew she caught her illness there! We didn’t.”
Marek Cz.