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What Is Bio-Energy?

All living things are surrounded by a field of energy known as Bio-Field. Ideally, this universal energy flows naturally through your body. However, over time, everyday stress, traumatic events, negative emotions and thoughts can eventually disrupt the flow of energy and negatively affect your health. Much of the illness, pain, lack of energy we feel could be just a result of natural energy no longer being able to flow as it should.

A Bio-Energy Practitioner is capable of identifying and effectively removing blocked energy and restoring the natural flow of energy in the client’s Bio-Field.

The Benefits of Bio-Energy Treatment

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Bio-Energy treatment focuses on removing blocked energy and restoring the natural Bio-Field. After Bio-Energy treatments, many people experience improvement in or relief from the following conditions:

  • Various types of acute or chronic physical pain, including back pain, shoulder pain, knees, arthritis, headaches and migraines, among others
  • Stress, anxiety, depression, chronic fatigue, low energy level, emotional issues, insomnia and epilepsy.
  • Asthma, allergies, eczema.
  • Menstrual dysfunction, impotence, infertility.
  • Digestive problems, ulcers, irritable bowel syndrome, cysts.
  • Relationships problems, finances, feeling of being stuck, lack of balance.

Although Bio-Energy treatment is not a cancer treatment, clients with cancer have reported improvements to their well-being. Some have diminished pain, improving their ability to socialize and resume activities. Others confirmed increased energy levels, less diarrhea, diminished chemotherapy sores and even improved blood work results!

Anyone who receives Bio-Energy treatments can expect a general sense of peace, inner balance and relaxation. Reduced stress, greater emotional stability, improved energy and enhanced creativity / inspiration are also common.

Note: Prices do not include HST.

Bio-Energy Treatment, 5 sessions PAID FULL (1 session free!)$300.001 hourBook now
Bio-Energy Treatment, 5 sessions PAID BY SESSION$375.001 hourBook now
60 min maintenance session after Bio-Energy Treatment$75.001 hourBook now
Distant Healing$70.00 Book now
Bio-Energy for Animals: 30-Minute Session$45.0030 minutesBook now
Bio-Energy for Animals: Package of 3$120.0090 minutesBook now

On request, Bio-Energy sessions can be provided in the selected physiotherapy clinics, hospitals, senior care facilities, hospices and our Salt Cave in Mississauga – Additional charges might apply.

What to expect during Bio-Energy treatment


  • A typical Bio-Energy Treatment takes place over 4 consecutive weeks or over 4 consecutive days with a follow up session after 3-4 weeks. Depending on their health condition, some clients may require the treatment to be repeated.

During the session:

  • No touch or minimal, light touch on recipient, who either stands or sits, depending on techniques used.
  • Non-invasive, with no needles, medication or machinery involved.
  • Shoes and metal object removed, the recipient is otherwise fully clothed during the entire session.
  • During treatment a Practitioner uses various Bio-Energy techniques, based on a series of hand movements around the client, to relax them, identify and bring blockages in their energy field to the surface and to remove them, restoring the natural flow of energy in the client’s Bio-Field. Once flow is restored, the Practitioner will ground and balance the client, before completing the treatment. All of the Bio-Energy Practitioners use the same techniques and structures, ensuring producing great results.
  • During the Bio-Energy treatment the clients might experience various sensations, including e.g. feeling warmth, heat or cold, tingling, mild swaying or movement of the body. A sense of relaxation, peace and clarity is typical. Many feel relief from ailment symptoms.

Where are Bio-Energy sessions held?

Sessions can be held at the Beyond The Mind office, selected physiotherapy clinics or corporate settings. On request we can help your loved ones at the hospitals, hospices and senior care establishments.

Do you offer training in Bio-Energy Healing too?

Yes! Beyond the Mind Holistic Healing provides Bio-Energy Level 1 training for individuals who want to use this healing modality to help themselves, their families and friends. Persons interested in becoming Practitioners have to complete intense Level 2 course by Michael D’Alton’s School of Bio-Energy.

Further reading

For more information about Bio-Energy, please visit Michael D’Alton’s site.