Hypnotherapy service


What Is Hypnotherapy?

Hypnosis is a natural state of mind, also known as the Alpha state, which you’ve most likely already experienced in your life many times, when you’ve been meditating, reading a good book, playing video games or driving long-distance. It’s when you are relaxed and focused on what you’re doing and tune everything else out. When you’re in the Alpha state, your focus is narrow, and both your mind and breathing have slowed down. This is the state you’ll be in during a hypnotherapy session. During this state, you’ll be open and receptive to suggestions, and you’ll be able to hear them, accept them, and act on them.

Hypnotherapy allows people to reach their goals and satisfy their needs in a fast, targeted, and, outcome-oriented way. By working with your hypnotherapist, you can synchronize your conscious and subconscious minds and introduce new, positive and desired changes during hypnosis so that new behaviors develop without your conscious mind getting in the way. After your hypnotherapist has introduced these new positive and desired concepts during hypnosis, they will bring you from the Alpha state back to your natural state of mind, known as the Beta state.

With hypnotherapy, you can achieve important goals like losing weight, quitting smoking, overcoming existing fears and anxieties, and more.


There are many benefits to hypnotherapy, including:

  • Weight loss, decreased food intake, reduced cravings
  • Smoking cessation
  • Reduced or eliminated alcohol consumption
  • Decreased anxiety and/or panic attacks
  • Reduced stress, depression, pain
  • The ability to overcome your fears (e.g. fear of animals, flying, water, public speaking, and so forth)
  • Positive behavior change in a reliable manner, better personal mental health
  • Greater positive emotions and a reduced sense of anger, blame, or guilt
  • Increased motivation and ability to achieve goals decreased procrastination
  • Increased assertiveness, self-esteem and confidence
  • Better sleep

Note: Prices do not include HST.

Single session$120.001 hourBook now
Consultation and First Session$140.001 hourBook now

What to Expect During a Hypnotherapy Session


After receiving the initial request for Hypnotherapy, the hypnotherapist will call you to learn more about your personal needs and get more information about you. This will help them prepare for the first session with you. During this call, the hypnotherapist will schedule your consultation and first session.



During the consultation, you’ll meet with the hypnotherapist to talk about the issues you’d like to get help with. However, be aware that if you have several concerns you’d like your hypnotherapist to help you with, each session will focus on a single one — working on them one at a time provides better results. During this session, the hypnotherapist will answer your questions, clarify your needs, dispel any myths you may have about the process, and prepare for the first hypnotherapy session. During this time, you’ll also fill out the intake form and agreement of services.
Please note that the hypnotherapist will immediately postpone your session if any of the following issues occur:

  • If you have a migraine
  • If you have recently consumed alcohol
  • If you have consumed drugs or have taken any medication that makes you feel relaxed or sleepy
  • If you have not slept for a long time

The hypnotherapist will not conduct hypnotherapy session for people who want to uncover past episodes of abuse, who are suicidal, who are using heavy medication, or who are schizophrenic, psychotic, or mentally unstable. They will receive recommendation to contact their medical health provider.

Hypnotherapy Session

It’s recommended that you use the washroom and turn off any mobile devices before the session starts. You’ll start your session by reclining in a chair. Once you’re comfortable, the hypnotherapist will bring you to the state of relaxation; you’ll feel relaxed but aware as you reach Alpha state. You will hear your hypnotherapist and you will be able to react to things you hear and have control over yourself. Your body may feel heavy and you’ll become increasingly open to suggestion — that’s when the hypnotherapist will introduce the suggestion for positive changes that you want to make.

Except for the first session and consultation, which lasts for two hours, most hypnotherapy sessions last for one hour. Some people need only one session to see positive results, however, some situations will require more weekly sessions. If you want to quit smoking, you may need three sessions to see results; if you want to lose weight, you may need six weekly sessions, as well as monthly follow-ups until you reach your desired weight.

Where Will Sessions Be Held?

Hypnotherapy sessions are conducted at Beyond The Mind Holistic Healing’s office in Mississauga.

FAQs About Hypnotherapy


No. In fact, people who are creative, who concentrate well, and who are self-motivated often have the best results. Research has shown that men and women are equally suggestible during hypnosis. It also appears that how open people are to new experiences is related to hypnotic ability. Although no two people are the same, most people, about 3 out of 4, have the ability to benefit from hypnotherapy.


Contrary to popular belief, hypnosis doesn’t feel like you’re falling asleep or entering a trance. Instead, you’re in a relaxed state of mind, somewhere between both consciousness and unconsciousness — the Alpha state. In fact, some people don’t believe that they were hypnotized once their sessions end — that’s how similar it is to being awake. You will feel focused but relaxed, will breathe slowly and be aware of everything going on around you and of what your hypnotherapist is saying. You may feel so relaxed that you drift off or even fall asleep. However, even then, your subconscious will be aware of what your hypnotherapist is saying.


Many people worry that hypnotherapists will have complete control over them once they are hypnotized and can force them to reveal secrets or say or do things against their will. However, this misconception often comes from stage hypnotism shows that are meant to entertain, not to inform. Hypnosis is really just a heightened form of awareness, and it can’t make you do anything that goes against your wishes, moral standards and personal beliefs. Hypnosis enables your subconscious mind to receive suggestions from the hypnotherapist, but you will act on them only when you accept them. However, you may become more emotional or childlike during hypnosis.


No. Hypnosis is actually something that you naturally experience, such as when you’re meditating, reading a good book, or driving for a long time — your focus will narrow, you’ll feel relaxed but aware, and your breathing will slow down. This happens during a hypnotherapy session, too. During a session, your brain will be in two different states. The first, the Beta state, is the state your brain is normally in while it’s awake. The second, the Alpha state, is the state your brain will be in during hypnosis — then, your mind will be less critical, more focused, and more open to suggestion. A hypnotherapy session involves spending time awake in Beta state, moving into the Alpha state to receive suggestions, and moving back into Beta state at the end.